Baking The Rolls


Thawing Instructions:

Overnight method: Place pan of rolls in refrigerator and let thaw overnight. Room temperature method: Allow to thaw in provided pan at room temperature for approximately 3 hours or until dough feels soft. Keep thawed dough refrigerated until used. Thawed dough should be used within 2-3 days.


Allow to Rise:

Remove all plastic wrapping. Allow dough to rise in the provided pan in a warm area (for example, close to the oven) for approximately 1 hour or 2 inches.


Baking Instructions:

Preheat oven to 330 degrees. Bake in the provided pan 20-25 minutes or until desired color of brown.


Looking for Beef House Frozen Rolls & Strawberry Jam? 

You can always pick them up at he restaurant or try these other locations in Illinois & Indiana.  Some stores carry just a small quantity so we suggest you call ahead to check supplies.  Also please check for a fresh product.  The expiration date is locate on the plastic tab. 


Village Mall County Market, Danville
Tilton County Market 
Champaign County Market 
Paxton IGA

Raber Packing, West Peoria
Kilgus Farmstead, Fairberry
The House of Meats, Decatur
Jeffrey's Meat Shop, Decatur
Rawhide Meats, Danville 
Morgan's Meats, Mattoon
Pottstown Meat & Deli, Peoria
Remington Food Market 
Hi Lo Grocery, Abingdon
Tuscola IGA
Jerry's Hoopeston IGA
Mahomet IGA 
Olde Time Meat & Deli, Champaign
Alwan & Sons Meat Co., East Peoria 
Rockville, IGA
Attica, IGA
Beecham's Market, Treemont
College Hills Meat Shoppe, Normal
Bloomington Meats 
Ingold's Meat & Deli, Fischer
Dutch Valley Meats, Arcola
Lindy's Downtown Market, Washington

Leroy IGA

The Butcher Shop, Charleston

Remington Food Market

Save A Lot, Crawfordsville

Harvest Market, Champaign 

D & R Market, Lafayette

Red & White, Cayuga & Kingman

Covington IGA







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