Baking The Rolls


Thawing Instructions:

Overnight method: Place pan of rolls in refrigerator and let thaw overnight. Room temperature method: Allow to thaw in provided pan at room temperature for approximately 3 hours or until dough feels soft. Keep thawed dough refrigerated until used. Thawed dough should be used within 2-3 days.


Allow to Rise:

Remove all plastic wrapping. Allow dough to rise in the provided pan in a warm area (for example, close to the oven) for approximately 1 hour or 2 inches.


Baking Instructions:

Preheat oven to 330 degrees. Bake in the provided pan 20-25 minutes or until desired color of brown.



Don't have time to dine-in?  

We have carry-out available on all of our menu items, including our delicous homemade rolls, soups, salad bar, steaks, & much more...

Our famous homemade Beef House yeast rolls, can be purchased daily baked or frozen, along with jars of our Strawberry Jam & homemade Apple Butter. 


Frozen or Baked Rolls            $7.00/Dozen

   Strawberry Jam                        $7.00/Pint Jar

   Apple Butter                               $7.00/Pint Jar



Our famous Beef House yeast rolls,  jams, & butters are also available at many retail locations in the Indiana & Illinois area, including; Covington County Market, Attica County Market, Danville, IL & Tilton, IL County Markets, & The Old Time Meat  & Deli, located on Neil Street in Champaign, IL.


Call ahead for orders to go (765) 793-3947